Events in Merimbula

‘Re-Emergence’ – Merimbula Film Screening

Award-winning inclusive company Rebus Theatre presents an uplifting film by disabled actors from rural NSW about their experiences of Drought, Bushfires and Pandemic.

‘Re-Emergence’ is the culmination of over three years of exploration with disabled actors in regional NSW, interrogating the question of how to re-emerge from bushfires, covid19, drought and other disruptions over recent years.

The team collected stories, heartfelt conversations, and dramatic scenes. Blurring the lines between documentary and drama, “Re-Emergence” captures the raw essence of these stories, highlighting the resilience of communities in times of disruption. A fictional story about a fractured community awaiting a storm is interspersed with real stories of isolation, perseverance and community-building from the cast- all experts on overcoming adversity.

Life imitates art as both the real cast and the fictional characters discover new ways to “re-emerge”, reinvent themselves and find connections with each other. Against the backdrop of scenery from Regional NSW, “Re-Emergence” invites audiences to learn from the wisdom of the natural world – a true representation of resilience and transformation, where every storm yields to a new sunrise and every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. The film, like nature itself, paints a portrait of communities finding strength in the ebb and flow of life.

Facilities & Inclusions

  • Public Toilet
  • Welcomes and assists people who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behaviour. (includes people with autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, acquired brain injury (ABI), dyslexia and dementia)